“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Change and perseverance.

Over the past several years what began as a simple and rather conventional idea has taken shape and developed into MaineStock. It started out as a slaughterhouse and over the next two years came to be a meat processing business. The real change was in defining its mission – “Making Maine Meats Affordable”.  Along the way to achieving that goal the dairy industry became the focus for acquiring supply. This was one of those situations where good could be achieved throughout the process. Rather than just buying the animals through auction it was decided that in order to help the distressed dairy farmers working with them directly was what was called for. That is when the change came.

The face of change.

When you put a face to an “industry” you cannot help but become intertwined with their hopes, aspirations, fears and challenges. The Portland Press Herald recently had a piece on “Maine’s dairy farms in twighlight” in which it was stated, “Now many of them are teetering on the edge of going under.” This is a harsh reality and one that needs to be addressed before anything else. What good could MaineStock do if all we were capable of doing was putting a bandage on a scratch while there was an arterial cut that went unattended? Maine’s dairy farms are all family owned. Most of them are multi-generational and they would like to see their legacy continue into the future.

The need for perseverance.

Dairy farming needs to adapt. Dairy farmers need to reclaim control over their own destinies. To that end MaineStock too is changing and persevering. We will be working with dairy farmers to develop a truly sustainable business model and meat sales are but just one aspect of that model. Together we can overcome the challenges that are facing us today.

The hope for the future.

As we move forward we will be reaching out to everyone – government, non-profits, foundations, socially motivated investors and consumers – so we all can contribute together in an effort to change and preserve one segment of what makes “Maine – the way life should be.”